Nyx class Heavy Fighter

The Nyx is a large fighter meant for defense of mining operations, along with short range patrol. Created by the Rave for the purpose of mining ship defense, the Nyx is perfect for the role of a small anti-ship craft, with dual lock-on missile tubes and a small anti-missile turret.

Cost: 2,100,000 credits

Mass: 831.7 (Blocks: 6162)
L: 48m H: 15m W: 29m

Power : 1,002,354.3 (71,005 e/sec)
Thrust: 903.2 ; Max Speed: 316.0 ; Ratio to mass: 1.1

Shields: 20,307 (209 s/sec)

Structure Hitpoints: 219,855
Armor Hitpoints: 285,425

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