-The Alliance-

Occupies some core regions of Sol Remembrance, not very strong or united, but control some of the largest tracts of space. Understandably with the regional governments systems vary in activity, from peaceful to pirate havens. Corruption tends to run high amongst the ranks of regional governors, so the peaceful sectors are as rare as they come. Typically governors have at their disposal some ships of mixed classes, trying to keep said forces on patrol to keep order, while mostly keeping a blind eye to shady dealings.

Over all, they are not to be trifled with in the higher ranks of the military forces, though disorganized, they do lash back fearsomely if provoked.


-The New Phoenixian Republic-

Not a major player in core galactic affairs, they keep their distance as isolationists, a very large, imposing distance. Not too sizable in terms of physical space claimed, but in terms of military force they crush half of what goes against them, 25% they match, and the other 25% they will try to out fight them to the best of their ability in attritional warfare, though this rarely happens. Sectors are monitored by peacekeeping forces in a fairly stern manner, but occasional trafficking of drugs, slaves, or other illegal goods do go through to the seedy underbelly of the colonial black markets.


They occupy only three systems, closely protected with a solid fleet or two, exact numbers are yet to be figured out. Commander(s?) of the fleet(s?) are known to be (a) veteran(s) of presumably multiple engagements, but this gives them a sort of hubris cocky attitude that can easily lead to their death(s).




Pirates, the oh so despised, lowest of the governments. Control large swaths if seen as a collective force, but from the view of the Alliance, NPR, and some others, they appear to them to be feeble, loosely connected, constantly warring savages. Despite this, they are controlling of their territories, sending suicidal amounts of weak frigates to slaughter anyone they perceive as a nominal threat. Clans are predominant at this type of horrendous attritional warfare. Infighting is known to happen on a large, absolutely hilarious scale, in a morbid way.

Essentially, their regions are dominated by ramshackle stations of different types, their favorite ship type is the KOI class frigate, cheap, affordable, mass produced, and reliable for skirmishes. Throttling the control of the massive lucrative trade networks, it reaps in quite the stack of nice cash.

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