– Phoenixian Technology –

STANDARD WARSHIPS: Utilitarian with a few comforts, all rooms serve a primary function and typically have the BEST medical technology available. Typically an eye bleeding green, with minor intricate details. Modest at the least.

HARDLIGHT CYLINDER AI PROJECTION DEVICE: Can help an AI produce a form of which it is designed with or desires to have, adjustable even while in operation. 6 to 12 inches tall, 1 to 3 inches in diameter. When the AI ‘deploys’ the cylinder has small 1mm diameter wires with tiny bulbs at the ends come out of it’s sides and forms the AI’s body, the cylinder is at the core/heart of the body. This hardlight can be made to feel like normal skin, clothing, and any material, even simulate, if so desired, reproductive areas. It cannot however be used as shielding.

STANDARD INFANTRY ARMOR PATTERN 10: Typical Phoenixian armored suits, they are totally manual and able to be used without power with ease by Phoenixians, however normal humans cannot operate these suits without particular refinements. Has a charging dock at the spine area inbetween the shoulder blades of the operator for their respective AIs on the exterior of the suit. (Looks like an ODST’s armor from Halo, but highly upgraded to protect all exposed areas, vacuum tight.) These units have a standard of 100 shielding units. (Can be used IRP to get another life, but will be monitored strictly)

BALLISTIC WEAPONRY: One of the rare few that use ballistic weaponry in this day and age, but it’s highly effective at what it does, shield killing and death dealing. Most Phoenixian ships are armed with guns alone, mostly rapid fire high explosive, some have missiles and other goodies.

MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY: As soon as possible, Phoenixians started to do jumps and leaps into the medical fields, eventually producing one clone. They have pods that can heal even mortal injuries if acted upon quickly enough, almost accidentally the same as Red Dwarf Pods, although slightly slower. But it takes days in the pods to properly heal depending on the wounds sustained, usually broken limbs and severed ones can be repaired within a few minutes to hours. Some things take days like full body reconstruction.

HARDLIGHT BLADES: Although fragile to kinetic weapons, hardlight has found use as a sort of bayonet and arm blades on the SIA’s that go the full length of the forearms if the user has those modules equipped.

– Red Dwarf Imperium Technology –

SHIP DESIGN: The Imperium has luxurious ships, and has the fastest ships in the galaxy. The specially made warp rings on the ships allow them to travel across the galaxy quickly and luxuriously. Usually only having anti missile systems as a turret defense, Imperium ships rely on their speed and main cannons attached to their ships as enough weaponry to fight off any enemies.

PERSONAL HARDLIGHT SHIELDING – RED DWARF IMPERIUM: The Imperium rarely uses actual armor, preferring to use their extremely powerful compact shielding, which is powered by a small fusion pack that they wear on their waist. The device weighs about 5 pounds, and can come in many shapes and sizes. It allows to wearer to use their arms to create a shield in any 2 directions, blocking every projectile that goes slower than mach 2. EMP can disable the shield temporarily, but can not disable the actual device.

PLASMA WEAPONRY: One of the only groups of people able to effectively master using condensed plasma as a weapon, Red Dwarf Imperium widely uses plasma weaponry as their main source of weaponry. There is anything from small plasma pistols, to plasma artillery launchers which are fitted on hovertanks.

ANTIGRAVITY PLATING: The Red Dwarf Imperium uses specially made anti-gravity plating for every part of their lives. Everything from chairs to cars, to even their tanks use the technology with great ease. Immune to EMP, the plating allows for more versatile weaponry and comfort to be used. It has removed the need for things such as engines on their aircraft, as the plating only takes very little electricity, which can be easily gathered using solar panels or other simple forms of energy.

RDI MEDICAL PODS: The Red Dwarf Imperium rarely uses human doctors, instead using sophisticated medical pods that inject nanobots into the injured person’s bloodstream, quickly repairing any damage done to the body quickly and efficiently. They can cure almost any known viral or bacterial infection, and can turn weeks of healing into hours.

ADVANCED HOLOGRAPHIC HEADSET: Red Dwarf Imperium mass produces headsets that is in both military and commercial use. The military version allows the wearer to more easily control their shielding, phaseblades, and plasma weaponry. It allows the user to use brain impulses along with their normal limbs to react more quickly, and act more efficiently, using the headset’s quantum computer to help them process data. It also includes a hud projected directly on the eyes, allowing the user to see the battlefield from a whole new perspective. The commercial version allows the wearer to do everything more quickly, such as using brain impulses to do everything from controlling robots to locking the front door to their house. It allows them to talk to friends and family using their mind instead of vocally, and more easily allows them to stay in contact. There is also a “Dive” feature, in which the headset redirects your body’s impulses, switching it with its own, allowing for full virtual reality simulations.

PHASEBLADE: The standard Imperium phaseblade is similar to a saber, except instead of being made of metal, it is made of a hardlight that is sharp down to the molecular level, allowing it to cut through almost anything, from obsidian to titanium alloy. Extremely rare and expensive, a phaseblade is only found in possession in high ranking individuals, such as generals and admirals. The phaseblade, combined with both anti-gravity armor and a personal shield, can make a person almost invincible.

GRAV-PLATE ARMOR: One of the few armors that the Imperium uses in its higher ranking troops, this armor makes the wearer almost 1/10th of their weight without it, allowing for large jumps and almost impossible maneuvers in combat. This allows a standard soldier to jump up to 30 feet, and if given the right gear, to easily fly. Best used in medium to long ranged combat, fighting a combatant that is wearing this armor can be almost impossible.

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