- Post Rift General Information -

After the sudden disappearance of the Galactic Rift, the Sol Remembrance Galaxy was thrown into utter chaos. Without any contact with the homeworld and the Milky Way galaxy as a whole, technologies started to be lost as they broke down. First came extremely advanced systems such as short range teleportation and the already severely inadequate Alcubierre Drive. With the loss of light speed travel, the communications between the Sol Remembrance Colonies was lost completely. Without communication, technologies were lost at a increasingly fast rate. The extremely durable Damascus steel was lost in time, along with other things such as experimental fusion reactors and the powerful hypercoil thrusters used on modern day starships. The loss of this technology was not slow either, with the loss happening within the first few hundred years due to the knowledge of such things not being stored for future generations. After almost a millennium of technology loss, only few colonies remained at all. All the colonies that were not situated on habitable worlds were lost, and what colonies were left were only once beginning a early space age. Thankfully, at this time, technology was once again starting to be rediscovered. While some things are still lost to this day, many things were once again starting to be created. Brilliant scientists on the surviving colonies were once again rediscovering technologies such as hypercoil thrusters and short range teleportation. The scientists took short range teleportation even farther, eventually creating early iterations of today’s jump drives. The first jump drives were very short ranged, usually requiring upwards of 50 jumps to travel between star systems, with slow recharge times causing interstellar journeys to take months to travel between systems. The jumpdrive technology quickly advanced however, and the colonies were once again united. With this new united group of planets, the Sol Remembrance galaxy entered what is called by many a Golden Age. Humankind once again started exploring the galaxy, discovering many different native species of Sol Remembrance, and living in co-existence with them. These species brought with them technologies such as advanced shielding and reactors, and powerful tachyon scanners.

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