- Pre-Rift General Information -

The first FTL system that the human race discovered was the Alcubierre Drive, which, in the early 2100’s made mankind explore farther than ever before. With this newfound technology, it eventually was found that there was what appeared to be a rift in the fabric of space and time itself. It is suspected that the rift, found in the Tau Ceti system, was a result of a unique discharge of theoretical Tachyon particles. At first, this rift in space and time was impossible to go into due to unknown reasons, but, 23 years after its discovery, a scientist team that goes by the name Omega, created a special field which can be projected around the ship which allows it to travel into the rift and instantly travel to, according to theory, a different dimension. The first tests were successful, with small unmanned probes being able to travel in and out of the rift. It was discovered that the rift goes to a completely different dimension that is very similar to the Milky Way. The galaxy was tagged ‘Alpha Galaxy’, although in the future, the human colonists that traveled to the Alpha Galaxy retagged it as ‘Sol Remembrance’. As a result of the unmanned probe tests inevitably there had to be human trials, so two colony ships launched by Earth’s governments as a joint project were sent out, the Aurora, and the Phoenix, each with 100,000 volunteers aboard. The ships were created to become colonies in their own right as they develop new forms of FTL, as due to slightly different physics in Alpha Galaxy, Alcubierre Drives did not function properly in the new dimension. They allowed ships to accelerate to the speed of light, but not past it. The results were mixed, as the Aurora made it, the Phoenix did not. Unknown to what had happened to the latter ship they continued, deeming the test a success and covered up the existence of the Phoenix.

What little did anyone know except the occupants of the Phoenix is what became of them, forming their own nation, society, and so on, and a government of a republic/democracy much like the United States, except less loopholes and failures in the system. The formed into the New Phoenix Republic, in a galaxy in the opposite direction of Sol Remembrance, and became their own off shoot after a few generations, largely simple changes to physical appearance, and mentality due to their education and the society/culture that ensued.

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