Talos class Patrol Craft

The Talos is a medium sized ship created by the Rave for use as a patrol and strike craft. Easily recognizable due to its unique engine design, the weaponry of this ship is just as unique, as along with normal beam lasers, it also features 1 self-propelled torpedo. It is heavy for its size due to the use of advanced armor on its outer hull, with a lower top speed than other ships of similar class.

Cost: 2,200,000 credits

Mass: 984.4 (Blocks: 7,529)
L: 55m H: 25m W: 41m

Power : 643,784.7 (78,456 e/sec)
Thrust: 1,034.8 ; Max Speed: 286.3 ; Ratio to mass: 0.9

Shields: 57,518 (1,287 s/sec)

Structure Hitpoints: 260,650
Armor Hitpoints: 318,775


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