Vizu class Freighter

The Vizu class Freighter is a small freighter created by the Rave for the purpose of fast transportation of small amounts of materials around the galaxy. While not having any defenses of its own, the Vizu is extremely fast for its freighter classification, making it great for traders just starting to go into the galactic trade net.

Cost: 1,900,000

Mass: 1,008 (Blocks: 3423)
L: 73m H: 16m W: 9m

Power : 269,581.4 (31,275.1 e/sec)
Thrust: 1249.8 ; Max Speed: 348.0 ; Ratio to mass: 1.2

Shields: 11,387 (330 s/sec)

Structure Hitpoints: 94,270
Armor Hitpoints: 172,725

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